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PUCL Karnataka Statement of Somashekar Commission

8th February 2011


B.K. Somashekar Report

We are greatly disappointed with the final report released by Justice B.K.Somashekar commission Enquiring the attack on churches.

While the interim report clearly held responsible some hindu fundamentalist organisations, Police, state administration and the Govt. The final report appears to have absolved the govt and the Police.

An attempt appears to have been made to ignore the role of hindu fundamentalist organisations and state in the final report. a There appears to be a clear cut understanding between the Commission and the Govt to patch up the damage done by the interim report.

The final report very clearly failed to uphold and protect the Constitutional rights of minorities and appears to have gone beyond its limits in saying that there should be law to ban conversions.

Since Independence, every time the Govts have appointed a Judicial Commission they have invariably failed to do justice to their job and even while  Justice was done those reports have either not seen the light of day or never implemented by the Govt. In the process the question of appointing judicial commissions has become an futile exercise.

The Commission seems to have imagined certain things in spite of overwhelming evidence recorded by the media and presented before the Commission when it says that some attacks/ injuries were self inflicted.

In short the Commission has contradicted itself and brought out a hotch potch report with a clear intention of protecting the Govt, its administration and the fundamentalist organizations from getting banned from the state.

In view of this, we request the Govt to institute a CBI inquiry as the report has failed to pin point the culprits  and in fact created an irreparable communal divide which may permanently damage the secular fabric of India.

For People’s Union for Civil Liberties – Karnataka

P.B. Dsa

Dr V. Lakshminarayana
General Secretary

Photos – Jan 30th 2011 – Release Dr.Binayak Sen Protest

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|Press Release| Binayak Sen Conviction

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Statement in Kannada

Delhi/ Raipur,
24th December, 2010

The People’s Union for Civil Liberties is deeply disappointed at the miscarriage of justice reflected in the judgement of Raipur Additional District and Sessions Judge B. P. Verma  sentencing our National Vice President Dr. Binayak Sen to life imprisonment under charges of sedition 124 (A) of the IPC read with conspiracy (120-B IPC) along with convicting him concurrently u/s 8-(1), (2), (3) and (5) of the Chhattisgarh Vishesh Jan Suraksha Adhiniyam,2005 (Chhattisgarh Special Public Safety Act, 2005) and
u/sec 39 (2) of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 2004 (amended). It is a sad day for the PUCL and all human rights defenders in the country and a black day for the Indian Judiciary

Dr. Binayak Sen was charged with being a courier of letters from co-accused Narayan Sanyal to Piyush Guha. All through the trial not a single Jail authority appearing as prosecution witness confirmed this. In fact, there was no substantive evidence to confirm any of the allegations of the prosecution.
* *
The PUCL holds that Dr Binayak Sen is a victim of the vendetta of the Chhattisgarh government for his bold and principled opposition to state sponsored vigilante operation Salwa Judum, which has been held unacceptable even by the Supreme Court. His conviction is one more example of the state succeeding in securing the conviction of an innocent person on the basis of false evidence. It is an occasion for the nation to demand drastic reform of the criminal justice system to ensure that it is not manipulated by the state to persecute, prosecute and victimize innocent persons.

The PUCL will continue to work towards Dr. Binayak Sen release and take all legal measures in this regard. It will also work towards building public opinion against the ongoing persecution of activists and Human Rights Defenders in the country.

  • Prabhakar Sinha (President)
  • Pushkar Raj (General Secretary)
  • Mahi  Pal Singh (National Secretary)
  • Kavita Srivastava (National Secretary)

Discussion Meeting| Human Rights, Democracy and Media

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PUCL-Bangalore invites you to a

Discussion Meeting

Human Rights, Democracy and Media

Challenges in Contemporary Times

11 December 2010 @ 4:00 PM

Xavier Hall, Post-Graduate Campus, St. Joseph’s College
Near Double Road



Professor Hassan Mansur

Founder member – PUCL- Karnataka



Father Ambrose Pinto

Principal, St Joseph’s College



B Parvatheesha

Senior Correspondent, Lankesh Prakashana

Samakalina Madhyama Mattu Maanava Hakkugalu

[Contemporary Media and Human Rights]

Issac Arul Selva

Editor, Slum Jagathu

Marginalised Communities and the media

Siddharth Narrain

Legal Researcher, Alternative Law Forum

Clamping down on the dissenting voice


Audience driven discussion panel!

***Call to action***

Please attend! Please circulate widely!

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