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|Fact Finding Report| An All Out War

04.14.2012 · Posted in Human Rights, Press Releases, Report

[Read the full report HERE] On March 2, 2012, Bangalore witnessed riotous scenes of confrontation between a large number of advocates and a section of the media which took place in the presence of the police in the Civil Court premises in the city. This was followed by a brutal lathi charge by the police ...

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|Fact Finding Report| – Manual Scavenger Deaths – Tiptur and Dharwar

04.12.2012 · Posted in Human Rights, Minorities

A Fact-finding Report on the Deaths of 2 Manhole Workers in Tiptur {Available HERE} On 18.12.2011, Jagdish Bin Manjashetty, resident of KB Hala village, Lakki Hobli, Chikmaglur district, and Dharma, resident of Kennere village, Arsikere taluk, Hasan district, labourers in a UGD project in Tiptur, Tumkur district, were working in a newly constructed manhole on ...

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|Preliminary Report| Death of Kitta Koraga, Safai Karamchari in Kinnigoli

11.27.2011 · Posted in Human Rights, Minorities, Report

Download the Report HERE In yet another tragic incident of death by manual scavenging in Karnataka, Shri Kitta Koraga, 45 years old, succumbed to asphyxiation while engaged in cleaning a soak pit in Kinnigoli town, Dakshina Kannada district on 6.11.11. On 7.11.11, PUCL, Bangalore, was contacted by Shri Balraj, member of Koragara Abhivrudda Sanghada Okkoota, ...

|PRESS STATEMENT| Response to Kolar Deputy Commissioner

10.31.2011 · Posted in Human Rights, Press Releases, Urban Poverty

We are responding to the statement of the Deputy Commissioner, Kolar that was reported in the newspapers dated 29th October, 2011 alleging PUCL’s role in the death of 3 persons performing the work of manual scavenging in KGF on 24th October, 2011. (Reference 1, 2) Since the statement makes serious allegations about the functioning of ...

Press Release – Police Crackdown on Hijras

05.13.2011 · Posted in Human Rights, Minorities, Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE PUCL, Bangalore, strongly condemns the call by city’s new police commissioner JP Mirji to target and crackdown on Bangalore’s Hijra community authorising mass arrests for creating public nuisance and under the Karnataka beggary Act. Criminalising either poverty or sexuality of a community are against the fundamental rights and freedoms constitutionally guaranteed and are ...