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|e-Book| Cultural Policing in Dakshina Kannada

03.30.2009 · Posted in Human Rights, Report

Cultural Policing in Dakshina Kannada

A Report by the People’s Union For Civil Liberties – Karnataka

Table of contents:

Chapter I- Introduction

1.1 Need and Purpose of the Report
1.2 Background to Dakshina Kannada
1.3 Consolidation of Hindutva Forces in Karnataka
1.4 Methodology

Chapter II – Vigilante Attacks in Dakshina Kannada

2.1 Amnesia Pub Incident
2.2 Intimidation of Independent Voices
2.3 Valentine’s Day Offensive
2.4 Continuing Attacks with Renewed Impunity

Chapter III – Understanding Cultural Policing in Dakhina Kannada

3.1 Strategy of Cultural Policing
3.2 Role of Organizations Professing Hindutva
3.3 Role of the Police
3.4 Role of the Media
3.5 Role of the Public
3.6 Impact of Cultural Policing

Chapter IV – Cultural Policing leading to Social Apartheid:
Violation of the Constitutional Order

Chapter V – Civil Society’s Response to Cultural Policing

5.1 Komu Souharde Vedike (KSV)
5.2 Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD)
5.3 Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI)
5.4 People’s Movement for Enforcement of
Constitutional Rights and Values
5.5 Celebrating Valentine’s Day
5.6 Pink Chaddi Campaign
5.6 Karnataka State Human Rights Commission

Chapter VI – Dealing with Cultural Policing

6.1 Political Strategy
6.2 Legal Strategy
6.3 Socio-Economic Strategy

Chapter VII – Issues for Further Debate

7.1 Legal Issues
7.2 Cultural Issues

Chapter VIII – Recommendations

Chapter IX – Postscript


Annexure I : Communal Report Card of Karnataka:
Since the BJP Came to Power

Annexure II : Statements of the Home Minister of

Karnataka in Response to Communal Incidents in Karnataka

Annexure III: Incidents of Cultural Policing Reported in
the English Press

Annexure IV : Extracts of Incidents of Cutural Policing
Reported in the Kannada Press

Annexure V : Orders of the Karnataka State
Human Rights Commission

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