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Production Torture – Working conditions faced by garment workers

06.05.2019 · Posted in Human Rights, Report

Production Torture is a study of the working conditions, including workplace harassment, faced by women garment workers in Bangalore and other districts.

This study is published by:

  • PUCL – K
  • Vimochana
  • The Alternative Law Forum
  • Concern – IISc
  • Manthan Law
  • Garments Mahila Karmikara Munnade

Production Torture
A telling phrase from English innovated by garment workers to articulate their daily experiences of the Government Factory.

In response to the widespread complaints about abusive conditions faced by women workers in the garment industry in Bangalore, a number of human rights organizations and activists, came together to institute a joint fact-finding inquiry to go into such abuses and their deleterious impact on the workers, and suggest measures for redress of complaints by state, brand buyer agencies, and other bodies.

As part of this study, 27 interviews and 8 focus group discussions with women garment workers and men garment workers — each of which discussions comprised not less than 20-25 workers — were undertaken. The conversations during the interviews and focus group discussions revealed various forms of violations and harassments that the garment workers are subjected to. Almost all conversations were unanimous in pointing to the impossible targets set for the workers per day as the primary source of most forms of harassment. they faced.

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