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PUCL-IIMB ~ Annual Inter Collegiate Debate

02.04.2011 · Posted in Human Rights, Meetings and Events, Minorities

PUCL – IIMB Debating Society Annual
Inter-Collegiate Debate
On Civil Liberties and Human Rights

Feb 5th 2011, 11am-2pm, IIM Bangalore

Debates and discussions are tools for people’s participation on wide range of issues in democratic societies and play an important part in the search for solutions to longstanding problems. Many of the recent social, economic and political upheavals and events in our country indicate a great need for engaging with public opinion that might form a key input in a vibrant democracy.

Our hope to energise democratic processes lies in laying sound foundation of public enquiry and exploration, especially by our youth, on key topics and issues, based on current events. To this end, People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), and the Debating Society of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, are organizing an Inter-Collegiate debate on the 5th of February 2011 at the IIMB campus. This is a new initiative, planned as an annual debate on contemporary issues of national importance primarily with a focus on civil liberties and human rights.

The topic for this year’s debate is “Ayodhya Verdict: A Case of Secular Balance?” The objective is to engage with our youth and explore this very important issue which has had a huge impact on our society and polity in the past, and is likely to be a critical question defining the idea of India in the foreseeable future. This will be a platform to examine this issue from multiple perspectives and understand what our youth think of this and what solutions they have to offer in light of the recent verdict by Allahabad High Court.

The debate is a team event comprising of two members in each team and a maximum of 3 teams from each college. A good number of teams from colleges across the city are planned to participate in the debate. There are going to be 3 rounds of debating to decide on the winner.

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