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Schooled into Hindu Rashtra – Interim Fact Finding Report

04.01.2016 · Posted in Human Rights, Report

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For the last couple of years, newspaper reports have appeared about a large
number of children from the North-Eastern states of Meghalaya and
Manipur being transported to the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil
Nadu and Karnataka. It is revealed that this migration of children is the
initiative of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its associates. This
operation is carried out at the behest of RSS by a number of individuals and
organisations that contact parents belonging to tribal and backward caste
communities in the North-East states who are eager to give their children a
good education. Once the children are brought here, they are often enrolled
in schools and hostels run by individuals and organisations having
allegiance to RSS. With a view to finding out more about the work that RSS
is doing with these children from the North-East, or in other words, the
schools that they run, the kind of education they impart and the impact that
this educational initiative continues to have on these North-Eastern children
in Karnataka, two organisations in Karnataka, PUCL and KKSV decided to
conduct a fact-finding investigation.

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